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Driven Grouse, Pheasant and Partridge Shooting

Steeped in tradition and history Driven Game shooting is an unrivalled sport not to be matched anywhere else in the world. The UK is a mecca for the true sportsman looking for Driven Game Shooting at its best.

Standing on a gun peg or nestled into a Grouse butt where it is possible a king or his noblemen may have stood before adds to the indulgence of the day. Gamekeepers dressed in fine estate tweeds, many the same pattern going back generations and the brave wearing kilts in the Scottish winter is not an un-common sight. Awaiting the first flush to appear high overhead can sometimes seem an age but once the drive begins, all is soon forgotten.

Days are based on either 8 or 9 guns standing although it is possible to stand teams of 10 plus on several sporting estates.

The emphasis on Driven Shooting as with all sporting days is for the respect of the quarry, and the sporting etiquette for your fellow guns.

Days vary in size from 150 to 500 birds per day although larger days are possible on request.

Driven Pheasant and Partridge prices range from £35.00 to £55.00 per bird.

Driven Grouse prices from £175.00 per brace.

Single – Back to Back – and Weekly packages can be expertly arranged to suit your requirements.

Walked Up – Semi Driven Shooting

A great way of shooting as it mixes up the day and offers different challenges to your day in the field. One minute you are walking up a hedgerow the next standing as high and fast Pheasants or Partridge come overhead.

Unlike Rough shooting, these days are usually based on a certain expected bag number. Its often common to still end up with a good mixed bag. Days of 50 to 70 head of game shared amongst a team of 4-8 guns make for thrilling sport.

January is often a very popular month for Walked Up – Semi Driven Shooting as birds can be spread far and wide after the busier driven days.

Prices range from £29.00 to £35.00 per bird.

Wild Duck and Goose flights can often be incorporated into a days Walked Up – Semi Driven Shooting at an additional cost.

Rough Shooting

Arguably by some the finest form of shooting, "what's next and where from" makes this sport exciting and unpredictable.

Cowans Sporting offers many locations over differing terrain to enjoy Rough shooting at its best. Walking hedgerows, spinneys, white grass and moorlands – the list is endless and the possibilities limitless.

A general good level of fitness is required to walk for several hours a day. The going can sometimes be harder than expected but should not stop anyone wishing to take part as we can always adjust the day to suit all in the team.

Mixed bags are what make Rough shooting special…A typical day could incorporate Pheasant, Partridge, Woodcock, Snipe, Mallard, Teal, Pinkfoot & Greylag Geese, Rabbit and Hare. It is not unusual to add a few Pigeon and the odd Charlie into the bag.

Days are very informal with the emphasis being a good day out in the country, watching dogs work and waiting for the unexpected.

Rough shooting ideally suits teams of up to four guns and dogs. Guns are more than welcome to bring and work their own dogs though this is not necessary as keepers and dogs will be on hand at all times.

Rough shooting packages start from £200.00 per gun per day.

Wild Duck and Goose flights can often be incorporated into a days Rough shooting at an additional cost.

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