Roving Syndicate...

10th May 2017

May 2017 marks a special month for the team here at Cowans, its officially the 10th birthday for our Roving Syndicate.

How time flies when you have so much fun. Over this period we have made many friends with guns shooting several days each season here with us.

What started out as a small affair, “odd guns here and there” has now grown beyond our expectations.

The syndicate was originally designed just for individual guns, but has changed dramatically and now covers small teams, small groups of friends and teams who are looking for three or four spaces.

Our syndicate is very informal and relaxed, we shoot both here in the UK and oversees, it’s a perfect way to book you’re shooting and ideal for those that do not have the time to arrange full teams.

If you would like to join our Roving Syndicate please email us at with your requirements.

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